fairr.de Team

fairr.de specialises in state-sponsored retirement plans

What do we do at fairr.de?

With our help you can build up capital for retirement and convert this into an annuity at retirement without missing out on allowances and tax benefits. Our cost structures are lean: there are no sales commissions and we have done away with all unnecessary fees. We take pride in transparency and will always clearly disclose what we charge.

Through our occupational pensions solutions, we enable you and your employer to contribute towards building up an occupational pension. Contributions are taken out of your gross salary and are thus free of tax and social security contributions, making this savings vehicle particularly effective.

Retail clients can purchase the following products online:


Our "Riester" pension plans enables you to capture stock market returns while your contributions are protected. The government supports your savings effort with annual allowances and tax savings. The assets you build up will fund an annuity once you retire and we can already tell you the minimum monthly pension you are likely to receive when we make you an offer for a contract. We are the only "Riester" product in this category that provides this level of planning security.



For tax purposes some clients may also prefer to hold wealth in our fairriester without claiming government subsidies. These clients can purchase the fairrflex and fairrflex Junior versions of the product and benefit from preferential tax treatment in the payout phase.


This product is aimed at "Riester" savers who are close to retirement do not wish to invest in equities. The low cost factored in by our insurance partner ensures that returns on this product beat those of regular bank savings plans.

The product is also well suited for savers who wish to move their savings to a better insurance provider ahead of retirement.


Our "Rürup" pension plan clients are free to choose from over 30 equity-, bond- and commodity ETFs. Contributions are tax deductible and the conditions for the supplementary pension are already guaranteed at the time you sign the contract.

Why choose fairr.de?

Fairr does not charge sales commissions and as our client you will benefit from overall low fees. Equally important: we only bring retirement solutions to the market that we want to use ourselves and we always keep you, the customer, in mind whenever we develop a product:

1. Build pension capital - minimize impact on consumption

State pensions will no longer cover our standard of living past pension age and we must supplement this by private savings. The money we contribute we cannot spend on leisure, vacations or hobbies today. We aim to keep these contributions as low as possible.

2. Use government-funded products

Fortunately, the government incentivises our savings efforts when we save money using "Riester" or "Rürup" products or an occupational pension scheme. When the government or your employer make pension contributions on top of your own you need to save less of your own money.

3. Avoid up-front commissions and excessive fees

The fact that a pension product is promoted by the government does not, on its own, ensure that you will build up sufficient funds. Often the opposite is true: sales commissions and excessive fees eat into your stock of capital.

fairr.de: lower fees, better pensions

Jens Jennissen, Alexander Kihm and Ambros Gleißner made this experience when they were looking for solutions to begin saving for their own retirement. So they took matters into their own hands and founded fairr.de in 2013.

Fairr.de launched its first "Riester" savings plan in July 2014. The team expanded quickly, attracting talented colleagues with similar experiences in the German pension system, and launched additional pension solutions: 2015 saw the launch of the "Rürup" savings plan. Since 2016 fairr.de is also active in the occupational pensions market.

Our objective:

Transparent, cost-effective and customer-friendly products.

Jens Jennissen


Jens Jennissen founded fairr.de in 2013 because he could not find a suitable offer for his personal pensions in the German market. He is convinced that financial products must serve the customers and must be developed from a customer perspective, a cause he also advocates politically as a member of the CDU Wirtschaftsrat and the Fintech Council of the German Ministry of Finance.

Jens started his career as a quantitative analyst in the quantitative strategies team at Dresdner Kleinwort in London. He then moved to work as an energy trader for E.ON in Düsseldorf where he stayed until 2013.

He completed a BSc in Business at the Rotterdam School of Management and then studied law at the Bucerius Law School, Hamburg. He also completed the Masters in Finance programme at London Business School where he wrote his thesis with FinTech investment manager nutmeg.

Dr. Alexander Kihm

Product Development & Technology

Alexander Kihm is a co-founder of fairr.de. Alex holds a PhD in econometrics and is particulary good at mathematical optimization and the safe handling of sensitive data. His favorite line is "It's not rocket science."

And he knows what he is talking about. He graduated in industrial engineering and spent several years in research at the German Centre for Aerospace. He earned his doctorate at Bremen Jacobs University in Big Data Econometrics.

During his studies in Karlsruhe he founded AdvoAssist, an online service for lawyers, which grew to become the German market leader.

Ambros Gleißner

Marketing & Technology

fairr.de co-founder Ambros Gleißner is responsible for front-end development and has twelve years of experience in web and software development. He first gained experience in the financial sector as an employee of a family office specialised in value investing.

As operator of several websites on investment, Ambros has learned to comprehensibly present seemingly complex issues. His main insight: a financial product that is not completely transparent has little value and is a waste of customer funds.

Wolf-Alexis Puttfarken

Business Development

Alexi is responsible for business development at fairr.de, drives the development of the firms’ occupational pensions offering and also looks after the "fairrürup" portfolios.

After completing his bachelor's degree at the London School of Economics and the Master's in "Strategy and International Management" at the University of St. Gallen, he joined the fixed income sales and trading business of Dresdner Kleinwort in London where he experienced the 2008 financial crisis and the merger with Commerzbank first-hand. In 2013, Alexi completed the Masters in Finance at London Business School with a focus on quantitative finance. Following a placement with a credit hedge fund and a stint as a risk consultant with KPMG he joined fairr.de and has been part of the team since mid 2014.

David Schmidt-Hofner

Business Development

As former officer in the German Army, David Schmidt-Hofner has learned to develop and implement solutions to complicated problems involving many stakeholders effectively and accurately. After graduating with a degree in business from Helmut Schmidt University, he served on a frigate of the German navy where he was responsible for tactical and operational project management in international naval exercises and crisis situations. In his subsequent career he focused on recruiting and personnel development for the Armed Forces.

During his tenure David took up part-time studies at the Nordakademie - Hochschule der Wirtschaft, which he will complete in 2016 with a Masters of Science in Financial Management and Accounting. David joined fairr.de in September 2016 as key account manager for independent financial advisers.

Manuel von Zglinicki

Customer Happiness

Manuel comes from the banking world: After vocational training as a banker, he completed his degree in Economics at the University of Potsdam and then joined the graduate trainee program of a major bank. He qualified as a certified investment consultant, completing his exams at the University of Munich in 2004. Until 2007 he worked in corporate banking and, following two years of parental leave, moved on to work as a private banking client advisor in 2009.

He soon regretted his decision: Manuel suddenly saw himself forced to abide by sales targets instead of client interests. In consequence he quit, went to study psychology and worked as a project manager for the consumer advocacy organisation "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Verbraucherstudien". Manuel joined fairr.de in September 2015.

Markus Engelhorn

Customer Happiness

Markus Engelhorn is an insurance specialist. Following an MA in History and Romance Studies he completed a bi-lingual Masters in Business in Freiburg and Paris.

Markus started his career in the graduate programme of a major Bavarian Insurer and then spent three years as a product- and project manager in private health insurance. Prior to joining fairr.de in 2016, Markus was a lecturer at HWR Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht in Berlin where he taught Insurance Management.

Alexander Hinz

Press and Public Relations

Alexander Hinz is responsible for public relations at fairr.de and is the first point of contact for journalists. He joined the team in time for the launch of the Riester savings plan in June 2014 and supports the founders at congresses as well as in their cooperation with trade associations.

Fresh out of school, Alexander was already marketing online knowledge portals and ran an e-learning website. During studies at the Institute for Communications Management at FH Osnabrück, he specialized in online media and has since implemented communication strategies for numerous organizations. Through building up the customer service function at fairr.de, Alex knows exactly what pension savers and journalists alike want: plain English (or German) instead of hot air.

Benjamin Berndt

Financial Data & Operations

Our only born-and-bred Berliner, Benjamin joined fairr as an intern in September 2015 and is now in charge of financial data and business operations. Following vocational training in information technology, he studied business with a focus on entrepreneurship and completed his Master’s degree in International Finance at the Berlin School of Economics and Law.

Benjamin is CISCO certified, trades his own portfolio and wrote a master’s thesis on the role of demographic and economic variables on the transition from PAYG to funded pension schemes in OECD countries.